10 Things I wish My Mom Could Have Told Me About Pregnancy

pregnancy things you should know

There are so many things I wish my mom could have told me about pregnancy.  The only reason why she could not, was because she had passed away a year before I met Rod (my husband, for those who do not know).  My first pregnancy was an ordeal and a half.  It is something only a mother can really help you with, in my mind.  Google can help to a degree too but that gets confusing, unfortunately it was all I had.   In this post I explain some  things that could help you to understand what is going on with your body and that would have made a difference if I had known. 

  1. Mood Changes

Your mood is going to change a lot.  It is going to feel like the symptoms you get just before your period x 100.  I usually feel, insecure, self-conscious, moody,  not really in the mood to speak to people or socialise, grumpy and gloomy.  This is how I feel everyone’s mood changes are different as each person’s bodies react differently to the hormonal “cocktails” that gets released in your body.  The big culprits here is estrogen and progesterone.    What you need to do here, is just to relax and remember that this is not you.  The reason this is happening to you is only hormonal and perfectly normal.  Drink a cup of camomile tea and try and relax.  Listen to your body, if you don’t want to be between people, then rather go read a book.  Explain to people how you feel.  Talk, Talk, Talk.  Don’t walk around with your emotions.  The more people who know the less you will feel isolated and the better people will know how to handle you. 

  1. Tired is Normal

You are going to feel tired.  This is because your body is now working extra hard to create  your little baby’s life support systems and body.  Be patient and kind to YOUR body.  Don’t force yourself to do things if you are not up to it.  Take an afternoon nap and go to bed early.  The tiredness will disappear around the second trimester and might make a comeback in the third, but be patient this too shall pass.   If you feel exhausted remember to listen to your body and to rest. 

  1. Don’t Stop Exercising

Exercising is extremely good for you and your little developing bean.  Not only does it keep circulation of blood and nutrients going, it is also great for your mental state especially in the first trimester.  This is not a time to train for Ironman at all, instead, this is a time to keep your muscles toned and strong for your body to carry your baba easier.  It is also a time to keep your body in a reasonable shape, to assist you to bounce back quicker after your baby.  Exercising and staying healthy and strong also goes a really long way in helping you when the baby is here to be physically able to care for your child and other children.

  1. Eat, Eat, Eat but Eat What You Need

Listen up.  Pregnancy is no excuse to go balls to the wall and  consume everything in your sight.  This might be impossible as you feel like you can just stuff your face all day long, but there are ways to control the cookie monster within.  Eat smaller portions and think about what you really feel like. Fruits and yoghurt rather than  sweets and ice cream.   Healthy lean proteins not fatty junk food.  Colourful veg not potato chips and other rubbish.  Remember you are feeding your little one.  You must make sure it is food highly concentrated in nutrients and protein for growth and optimal development.  If you exercise a bit of constraint, you will thank me later.  The last thing you want on your mind after baba is to lose an extra human’s worth of weight that you piled on during your pregnancy.

  1. Drink Loads of Water

You are going to feel very thirsty all the time.  Your body needs extra energy to create this new life.  Energy gets created by burning food, food is burned and nutrients transported with water.  This process uses a lot of water during pregnancy.  Grab a litre bottle keep it on your desk, in your car and next to your bed at night. 

  1. Drink a Pregnancy Vitamin In the Morning

You get many variations of pregnancy vitamins.  Specific brands are not important, but they all have vital ingredients which  your body needs to cater for your little bean, Fish oil’s, calcium and folic acid to name a few.  In these 9 months make sure you give your baby the best possible development advantage in life by supplying these essential vitamins.  You can buy them from any pharmacy and most super markets.

  1. Pigmentation

This is something that is super important, and I found out only after my last pregnancy. The hormone changes you go through causes your skin to go darker and forms permanent pigmentation.  Some women are more prone to it than others, but it is not a risk you can take.  It is aggravated if you go in the sun without protection.  Stay out of the sun where you can and no less than SPF 50 will do, hat clothes, cover up. Even under make up and in the winter. The cost of trying to get rid of pigmentation is quite steep, and results are not always guaranteed.  More on this later.  With pregnancy, you take the good with the bad but this is definitely some sound advice I wish someone had shared with me.

  1. Oil Your Body

During your pregnancy your bum, thighs, breasts and tummy will go through a transformation and be stretched quite a bit.  This process takes place very slowly but obviously very surely.  It is super important to oil these areas with tissue oil.  You can use any brand you like.  If this is quite pricy for you, a normal coconut oil would work wonders.  It might seem like an effort whilst you are doing it but again, you will thank me later.  Nothing worse than sitting with stretch scars you are not able to get rid of just because it was inconvenient at the time.  Dedicate this time to yourself after every bath and pamper yourself with a massage.

  1. Ginger Tea for Nausea

Ginger and peppermint tea is literally the only thing that worked for me.  I literally bought a box of tea a week and had it at every meal time.  It also helped for indigestion which was a bonus. 

  1. Document

The process of pregnancy is something some of us experience only once or twice.  It is a good idea to take pictures and capture moments so you can look back at this journey.  It is such a special time, even though as I am sitting here I am not the happiest (being in my first trimester and moody as hell, bloated like a bullfrog). I know that looking back on my first, this is such a short time you have your little one in your body, such a close and special experience, it is SO worth capturing and remembering in a journal. Its also such a special gift to give your little one day. 

Hope you found this useful,  if you are pregnant and would like me to cover certain topics please let me know I would gladly look into it.

Much love.



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