4 Free Essential Applications That Will Up Your Social Media Game

You obviously know that using applications to enhance your social media game is a no brainer right?  Well it does not have to be expensive.  If you are working on a brand, a personal brand, or a service or just looking to play around with social media as a hobby I would like to share a couple of applications you can download to make your images and content rock! 


I have researched a couple of applications, and I really love Planoly the most out of every application I have tried for planning my feed.  As Planoly states; “it helps you work smarter not harder”.   You can sign up for free and get 30 uploads per month as well as two free profiles (Instagram and Pintrest).  It offers a really simply interface which Is so important for me.  I like things uncomplicated.  The application also offers an easy scheduling tool which automatically pics up your best time for posting etc.  Best part is the birds eye view of your schedule and easy drop and drag image planning.   Here is the birds eye view of my Planoly schedule.  I have a large contract as I also use it for my clients. 

Planoly example of planner


Light room is absolutely amazing for photo editing.  There are a couple of great photography blogs and photographers who offer free lightroom pre-sets.  You can download the presets and follow simple instructions on how to install lightroom pre-sets.  Please see this guide by Lightroom Lightroom allows you to edit and adjust lighting, exposure, texture, and many other elements easily and again very user-friendly.   You pay for the desktop version but mobile version is free.  I edit mostly on Mobile.  Have a look at a before and after photo right here for my Clothing Range Lovu …

Image before and after LightroomImage before and after Lightroom


I cheated a little bit with this description as Business Insider Summed it up so well I decided to copy and paste.  Bad mommy.  Here is the run down and all credit to Business Insider for summing it up so well! 

  • The Clips app on your iPhone is a powerful video-editing app that you can use to easily combine videos, photos, titles, and music into videos to share on social media. 
  • You can take photos and record videos in Clips, with special editing modes and tools available. 
  • You can also add Live Titles, in which the app inserts your narration in the video as on-screen text, alongside other add-ons like emoji, stickers, and music. 
  • Clips lets you combine video clips and still images along with filters, title cards, graphics, and audio. While it’s designed to let you quickly assemble videos for social media, the app lets you make surprisingly complex video productions.

These video’s are great and you can re size them any way you like.  This is especially great if you want to do stories or posts on the Gram.


OMG I cannot live without Canva.  I use it for all my businesses and all my clients.  I don’t use the scheduling feature but it creates the MOST amazing art work to give you a really pro look and feel without having to necessarily be a graphic designer.  Super simple and not intimidating like most other design programs.  Here is an article by Canva on 5 smart ways to use Canva to enhance your social media

SoftWare Advice gave this great description of Canva 

“Canva is a cloud-based graphic design tool used to create on-brand marketing content, sales presentations, training videos and more by companies of all sizes. This solution includes features such as drag-and-drop design and photo editing with access to custom fonts, frames, shapes, grids, and icons. Search our stock library to find what you need, with thousands of pre-licensed photos, videos, illustrations, soundtracks and more. Canva’s pre-built templates include logos, posters, presentations, infographics, social media posts, newsletters, menus, plus thousands more. 

Teams can create data visualizations such as custom charts and diagrams using internal data. Once visual projects are completed, teams can choose to publish online, share with others, or download…”

There are so many more free apps out there which you can use to enhance your social media game but these are the ones I use myself.  I am on the paid plans for Planoly because I use it for my clients but its really great if you only have one account to manage. Which apps are you using or would you add to this list?


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