4 Steps to Stop Procrastinating at Work and Home

Did you know that the real cause of procrastinating is stress?  And not really stress about the task you are procrastinating about, mostly actually stress about “the bigger picture”; accounts that need to be paid, stress at work, relationships, debt etc.  This might be your life at the moment, really living in “limbo” and feeling bad about your procrastination but it does not have to be your destiny.  Stop today with these simple steps. 

Time to forgive yourself and move on

This sounds weirdly kumbaya but it’s the first step to nipping procrastination in the butt.  Studies show that forgiving yourself for procrastinating on a task relates to not procrastinating on a future task which is similar.   Self-forgiveness also reduces negative emotions which helps you to “get on with it” instead of spending your time feeling guilty and bad about your decisions.  If we don’t forgive ourselves we will keep “sub consciously” avoiding that task, or similar tasks to avoid the negative feeling.

Tackle your most important task first

Mark Twain said once that “if you had to eat a live frog first thing in the morning the rest of your day will go by pretty smoothly, as the worst thing  you had to do is behind you”  This lovely ladies, is called “swallowing the frog”. Take your task that you hate the most (we all have those) and do it first.  That way you will have nothing holding you back and avoidance will be a thing of the past.

Don’t let “perfect” be the enemy of “done

We always put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be absolutely perfect. Perfect kids, perfect house, perfect relationships and perfect job.  PLUS all of this perfectness must be accomplished by doing all the tasks perfectly.   We also wait, wait for the perfect time, wait for the perfect opportunity or wait to be better/more perfect before we do something.  What happens then is that we never get things done, we never start with the initiative or we never take the opportunity. 

We need to acknowledge that we are not perfect, and that sometimes our tasks (or ourselves) are perfect enough.  When we have developed a “good enough” mindset we un-shackle ourselves from perfection and we get more done.  After all in-perfection is a very negotiable outcome, you will always have the opportunity to improve.

Create a starting ritual

If you want to get things done you have to start somewhere.  You don’t have to finish or do it perfectly, just start.  In “The 5 second Rule” a brilliant book I read, it states by counting backwards from 5 before you do anything and forcing yourself to start, you can literally break the “HABIT” of procrastinating.  That’s all it is, a habit. 

The good news is that it is totally up to you and you are just a few conscious decisions away from getting your ass into action.  Whether you are a home keeper or work away from home you have all the control in your hands to start getting more productive TODAY.


Here is a useful clip from the book I read hope you find it as useful as I did xx


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