6 Ways To Sleep Better At Night

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Sleep is a sensitive subject for me. I have trouble falling and staying a sleep and probably have had this problem since I can remember. There are alternative to meds though, try these.

1. Easy on the Caffeine

Caffeine stays in your body for around eight hours, so have your last soda or coffee around 3 p.m. If I drink coffee or fatburners any time after 1pm I have a problem. Even try shift to green tea (this also has some caffein but better than coffee.

2. Exercise earlier.

Working out at night is fine — as long as you build in three hours for your body to calm down post-workout3. Don’t drink too much fluid before bed time.

When you sleep, your body puts your bladder on pause. If you must get up to go to the bathroom, you’re overhydrating — stop liquids an hour before bed.

4. Let go of the phone.

The blue light from your phone, tablet, and TV inhibits the hormone that helps us sleep. Half an hour before bed, set your alarm, then don’t check your phone again. Event better put it in another room.

5. Try to Chill Out ( literally).

Your body temp falls as you sleep, so set your thermostat lower than usual.

6. Skip the snooze button.

Snooze sleep is bad sleep. Buy yourself quality sleep by setting your alarm for when you need to get up. Keep it across the room (so you have to walk to turn it off). You sleep in cycles of 90 minutes. By hitting the snooze button you go into a cycle and then wake yourself out of it a couple minutes later. This plays havoc on your body for the rest of the day.



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