Hi, my name is Brigitte, nice to meet you!

I am a working mom from Cape Town with a passion for fitness. I also consider myself an entrepreneurial creative spirit. Like you I am also still figuring it all out

Another fun business project I have started is a Mommy and Me Clothing Range called Lovu CHECK IT OUT!


Gambling Addiction Ruins Lives

Gambling addiction stole my childhood and ruins lives. The statement does not sound as harsh as heroin, as common as alcohol addiction or as crazy as sex addiction when you say it out loud, but I assure you that it is equally painful and devastating for families… this is my story

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Career - enabling your husband and partner to do more at home

Career – Enabling Husbands and Partners to Do More at Home

I get it, enabling your husband/partner or anyone else for that matter is probably the last thing you are thinking about while you are trying to juggle a career and being responsible for the house work. They key is to involve your partner and enabling him to help you instead of just blaming him for not helping. This is crucial not only for your sanity but also to stay focussed on your career and achieving your goals.

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How to be more confident during pregnancy

Pregnancy – 9 Tips to Boost Your Confidence

Self-confidence during pregnancy really can make the difference on how you experience your pregnancy.  It sounds very easy and obvious, but I can guarantee you, as I am sitting here with only 4 weeks to go, it is not as clear cut and easy as it seems.  If you don’t go into your pregnancy with a plan it is easy to get side-tracked.  Feeling tired and not in the mood for anything, and having unrealistic goals to meet your new addition’s every expectations (even though he has non) can take over before you know it.  These 9 useful tips will help you to experience your pregnancy with more confidence.

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depression in pregnancy

The Un-shameful Truth about Perinatal Depression – My Journey

Today I would like to talk a bit about my journey with perinatal depression. I feel that this is something I mostly do not talk about as pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous journey. Unfortunately by ignoring this very sad and real issue we are taking the power away from women who are going through very scary mental issues and who need the support and re-assurance to seek help.

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