DIY Haircut For Boys

Mastering a little boy’s haircut is the best thing you will do to save time and money!  Boys generally have a tough time to sit still, they don’t enjoy the trip to the hairdresser mastering this art will not only do your bank account good but will also be a better solution for trying to get the little guy’s to comply with getting their hair cut. 

I tried taking Sammy to the hairdresser once or twice but I decided it was just not worth it and I was just going to do it at home.  My sister is actually a hairstylist and from watching her I actually picked up how to do it.  Its really not rocket science and quite a fun activity to do with the little one.  And apart from that it also saves a lot of money over the years.  

I would recommend you keep a movie playing or an Ipad at hand to keep him busy.  a Nice bath afterwards will get red of the hair.  Don’t cut over a carpet, rather go outside or in the kitchen or where there are tiles on the floor.  Go slow rather than rushing it.  And remember if all else fails, the hair will grow back there is always the clipper route.  This is a great skill to learn for the long run.  Especially if you have more than one kiddo.



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