Fit Working Mom 4 Week Bikini Body Challenge

Welcome to the Fit Working Mom, 4 Week Bikini Body Challenge

We all work hard as women and mom’s trying to balance fitness, kids, work and family life (not to mention each individual challenges we face on a daily base)

I decided to host a 4 week complimentary challenge with a training program and a diet plan to help moms and women to achieve their weight loss goals.  This is especially relevant with summer around the corner.  I know how wonderful it feels to do work, life and family when you look good and feel good.  I am here to offer help and support to all the lovely ladies who would like to join on this program.  

Please take a before pic.  It does not have to be anything professional but it is great to achieve, look back, and to see how far you have come.  I will gladly carry on with the program if you guys find it useful and if it has helped you in any way.  I look forward to your feedback and your updates.  

The diet for this bikini body challenge can be found here

It is exciting to do this as a group of women who can support each other.  

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together

The first videos will be uploaded on my Youtube channel below:


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