Is The Appearance of Cellulite Reversible?

Dimples are cute, but apparently on your bum not too cute which led me to want to answer the question a lot of women ask; Is cellulite or the appearance of cellulite reversible once you have it

Dimples are cute, but apparently on your bum not too cute which led me to want to answer the question a lot of women ask;  Is cellulite or the appearance of cellulite reversible once you have it?

The fact is if you are a woman you most likely bare the mark of the hail storm on your thighs.  This is not because God has a wicked sense of humor, but rather because women have weaker connective tissue and larger fat cells, due to the effect of female hormones. The combination of larger fat lobules pushing the skin upwards and less collagen anchors that offer little resistance to the upward pressure of fat, gives the appearance of cellulite.

Now the question is still not answered but at least you have a better understanding of the WHY.  The HOW, like most things in life is better solved if you know why so we are at least one step closer.  

Now, from a personal level I have always had a bit of chunk around the ass-bits and I am also very tall.  So was my mom and her mom too.  She always used to tell me “our family has cellulite and big bums it’s just the way it is”  for a very long time I believed it but as a now, less chunky monkey I can definitely tell you that is horse s*&^t.   Weight loss and loss of cellulite definitely goes hand in hand.  When you reduce the size of your fat sells the appearance of cellulite also reduces. 

One thing to remember cellulite is not a thing that is in your skin it more the way your skin appears.  Think of it as a crease on a sheet.  There is not really a “thing” extra in the sheet a crease is just the way the sheet appears and it can be removed with ironing.  So too the appearance of cellulite can be reduced by the actions and small decisions you make daily.  

With that in mind the obvious things you have heard is to get rid of the toxins in the skin.  Good luck with that.  It’s not really that easy at all.  So many things courses toxins in the body, such as stress, smoking, too much alcohol and the foods we eat.  Limiting these are the obvious answer.  What you can also do do is drink more water and increase your vegetable intake but again that goes hand in hand with better diet which then decreases weight and hence the appearance of cellulite reduced. The same goes for exercise.  Dry brushing is another great method and really works.  The reason is not that you are brushing toxins out of your skin but more than that, you are making the skin appear smoother by removing the dead layer of skin at the top and to very little degree equalising the top layer of the skin.  You are also helping with blood flow which in return eliminates toxins. As we get older or if you are on the pill hormones also play havoc on your body.  A wonderful natural remedy here is to try beetroot juice.  I know it sounds very kumbaya but seriously there is actually facts to back me here read this.  As we get older another friend who leaves the party is collagen.  Collagen is the blocks that basically hold us together and when we get older our body stops producing this.

In conclusion, I would say that you can say for a fact that you will never get rid of cellulite.  It is here  to stay unfortunately.  What is helpful is combining (and in balance) adapt a couple of new healthy habits that will certainly reduce the appearance of cellulite (You know exactly what those changes are don’t act like you don’t know) The key is how badly does it bother you?  This will ultimately drive you to action.   It is my opinion that a little bit of ass = little bit of sass and the cellulite is just one of the things that come with the ass.  If you want to be 100% cellulite free it will be an incredibly disappointing journey for you as it’s a very unrealistic goal.  A better goal is to be a little bit healthier with your goal being “health”  – The rest will all fall into place as it should.  The best thing you can do is make peace with the dimples.  Anyways, who decided it is not cool anyways?!


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