Our Spectacular Bosjes Wedding Day

Kobus Dippenaar wedding dress Brigitte Willers

Thinking back, if someone asked me “what does your dream wedding day look like” I would absolutely NEVER imagine Our spectacular Bosjes wedding day. This is a visual “tour” of the day. It exceeded my wildest imagination. I came across the images the other day and realized I never actually posted them on this blog. Without any further delay, I would like to present to you our BOSJES wedding gallery.

The Venue | Bosjes

Let’s first talk about the wedding venue. It plays a huge role. It sets the mood and it will also be forever captured in your images. I loved BOSJES because it was so beautifully set and minimalistic yet elegant and dreamy. The restaurant was perfectly laid out for what we wanted. I wanted to have a less formal setting and an atmosphere that lent itself to people enjoying themselves and mingling. The venue is very famous for its Chapel, no need to elaborate on why. The gardens were an amazing setting for pre-drinks and exploring. It is truly a special and magical place. You can find them here

Before we continue my photographer was the very talented Mark Le Grange. You can find him here

Getting Ready

Getting ready was such a jol we really had so much fun. We also drank a lot of bubbly and lost my rings but that’s ok we eventually found them stashed in a bag 😂🙈. I have always believed in enjoying the moment and having fun. I was really not stressed during this time and I think it’s really something important to consider. The whole process goes by so quickly and soaking up the moments is what matters in the end.

The Dress | Kobus Dippenaar

I think the dress needs is very own section. One of my very best friends and designer Kobus Dippernaar created this magical dream dress. He knows and loves me and I didn’t even tell him what I wanted. I just said “Kobus, make a dress for me” and he came up with this spectacular showpiece. I have been doing fashion week for Kobus for years so he knows my body and what would look the best. I totally trusted him and for good reason he is amazing. You can reach him here

The Chapel, After and Hubby Pics

The Rings | Beautifully Crafted By The Diamond Works

diamond works Brigitte Willers

The Function

I guess everyone has their own idea of what they want for their function. I do feel like we are sometimes a bit stuck in a tradition that’s why we just did things the way we wanted instead of what “should be”. Before you start planning your event I would really urge you to consider what you want out of the event. How do you want to feel, how do you want your guests to feel, how serious do you want the atmosphere? No right or wrong but create from the heart.

Thank you to Top Billing as well for covering our Bosjes wedding day and creating this special memory. Here is a little snippet to give you the bigger picture. Our spectacular Bosjes wedding day would not have been as magical without a great event planner so big thank you also to Julie Killias for helping us put this beautiful day together. You can reach her here


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