To Sleep With Your Child Until he Falls Asleep Or Not?

I have heard many reasons from various people on why you should not lay with your child at night until they falls asleep. This is why you SHOULD

I have heard many reasons from various people on why you should not lay with your child at night until they falls asleep.  This conversation obviously pops up with friends and family because I still lie with my boy Sammy, (7), until he falls asleep.

Yes, I know the importance of setting a routine and making your young lion cub independent and so on…

I get it.  I get you.  I understand that they need to go into the big bad world and by sleeping with them your are making them “soft” and yes, there are reasons that really have credit.  BUT….

The the thing is that I really love the hour or 30minutes I get to spend with my boy, when the whole world disappears just before he falls asleep

I love having those few precious moments, to have a conversation with him where I am not in competition with a mountain of grade 1 homework, the TV, the Ipad games, the millions of playdates, the baby, the husband, toys, dogs and the kitchen pantry.   I like hearing how his day was, who he likes to play with, what he likes, what he doesn’t like, his new favourite colour, things he tried to do, how he failed and how he succeeded, his dreams, what he is afraid of and I love the strange and funny questions he asks about life, nature, people, the world and God.  I love his small wet kisses on my cheek.  I love when he breathes in my neck on my shoulder.  I love how he snores when he falls asleep.  When he makes me promise not to leave when he has fallen asleep, I stay a little bit longer.

Somehow in the hustle and bustle we found “our time” and I am not letting go of it anytime soon.  That time is as important for me as for him and I will be there to share it with him as long as he needs me.

There will be a time when he is all grown up probably not too long in the distant future where he would not want to be with me.  There will be a time in the future where he will be sharing those things with a girl who stole his heart.  I don’t have this time forever and I will enjoy it as long as it lasts.  Go ahead and make your kids independent and strong how you see fit.  I think I will stay here for a bit longer….


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