Training “Remotely” With a Personal Trainer

What Does It Mean To Train Remotely With a Personal Trainer?

When you train with a personal trainer, remotely, it means that your trainer is instructing you via an app or website on training methods, diets, supplements etc. It goes without saying that most personal trainers get involved in all aspects of your eating and exercising to get the best results according to your goals.

I was interested in finding out more about remote personal training because (obviously Covid) but also because I needed some structure in my training and I was getting into a “rut”. Even though I am a qualified trainer I just felt like something new. I think a lot of people go through that.

How Do You Select a Trainer

My sister had an incredible transformation via an amazing trainer called Tany De Lange please see packages here this is my sister Inge isn’t she looking absolutely amazing???

So You Signed Up, What Happens Now?

The first thing that will happen is your trainer will create an account for you on the Trainerize App you will download the application and sign in with your details. You don’t pay anything additional for the app. Your trainer pays a fee which is included with your personal training package.

Diet and Exercise

When I signed up with Tanya she sent me a diet and exercise program via the Trainerize App. There is a messaging section where you communicate with your personal trainer so you don’t need to get “Personal” via whatsapp or phone calls etc. She uploaded the program which looks like this.

As you can see it gives you the number of reps, you enter your weights and you can easily monitor your progress. The easy play videos next to each exercise show how exactly to execute the exercises correctly. What is also fab is that you can plan your day and if you have to move your gym session to the afternoon or to the morning you don’t have to cancel with anyone.

Syncing With Your Health App

Another really useful feature is the fact that the Trainerize application syncs seamlessly with your health app (if you are apple) as well as the system Android uses. Needless to say, it also syncs with the Apple Watch and most other brands of fitness bands and watches.

Staying Accountable

With every training program whether it is remote or not, YOU alone are accountable for your results. Your trainer can give you the most amazing advice program and counseling but if you don’t follow the instruction or if you choose to “cheat” on your program you will only be cheating yourself.

It’s also fairly obvs If you work hard you will be rewarded with results and if you don’t you will not make any progress. Where the program and the app are useful is that Tanya will ask you to check in with your body stats on a certain date. You will be prompted to load your images (privately not shared with anyone without your consent) as well as your measurements. The fact that she holds you accountable is also much more motivating than doing it by yourself.

You are able to load your images and compare them side by side throughout your journey to monitor your progress.

I have to add that anyone can give you exercises to do and a diet to follow but you need someone who is looking at your lifestyle, what exercises you like and don’t like, what equipment you have access to etc. With Tanya, she is able to work a proper program out for you, if you have a gym contract or not. This is really the beauty of the system. Also, the fact that it changes often and you have access to a real person for counseling is fantastic.

My program with Tanya has come to an end and I have had amazing results, more toned and firm which was my objective (everyone has different objectives). My fitness journey is leading in a different direction but I would really like to recommend Tanya and Trainerize to anyone wishing to embark on a training program that is results-driven.

These were my transformation pics from the beginning to end The pic with Saul on my hip was towards the end and the pic bottom far right was the beginning.


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